Morning dance parties in San Francisco

Club life in San Francisco is all over sudden turning upside down. While it has been the norm of having dance parties at night, is currently taking a different direction. Instead of parties and dances in the late hours of the night, party lovers are now staging their dances in the early morning hours.

Host groups for these dance parties

Early morning dance parties in San Francisco are currently hosted by two main groups, Daybreaker and Morning gloryville. The dance parties are done at least once every month and are an attraction to hundreds of residents. Many people love the morning dance parties as their way of starting the day with fun and in a sober manner since alcohol is not allowed at the parties. Many San Francisco residents have praised the parties differentiating them from the late-night parties since everyone is usually sober, fresh and smiling.

The big problem with  night parties is all the alcohol that is consumed. Many people decide to drive after all the partying. This puts themselves and others in severe danger, sometimes life threatening. One company, San Francisco Bay Area Towing, deals with this every single weekend. A large majority of their parking lot is filled with car’s towed due to drunk driving.

Party locations

The morning dance parties happen at different sites across San Francisco. The producers of the parties pointed out that it is easy to move the locations around since no alcohol is needed. As a result, they don’t need a bar or alcohol licenses which is usually a major constraint for most parties. One of the most recent parties organized by Daybreak happened on a rental yacht around the bay. The party began with yoga who needed an easy morning then the yacht took off. It was guaranteed to be back at the dock at 9 am to allow people to head off to work.

Morning Gloryville organized their first-morning dance in London back in 2013. They then spread it across 23 other cities across the world. In San Francisco, the first party was organized in 2014 by the two groups. The dance enthusiasts interviewed highlighted how morning dances are best when everyone is still energetic.

Party organization

There is coordination between the two organizing groups so that they don’t fall on the same day. This allows those who wish to attend both parties on different days and locations thus receiving high numbers of repeat customers. To add more value to the events, other services such as massage and smoothie machines are offered for customers who get tired. Many people show up at the events clad in crazy costumes to make the event funnier.

Since alcohol is not allowed at the parties, there are no age restrictions for attendance. People are allowed to bring even small children. The party charges are fair ranging from $18-$36. Each organizing group has its own set of added services such as massage, yoga, and food. These two groups, however, have their own sets of die-hard fans. They devotedly follow these parties especially those who find it hard to go for late night dance parties.

Popular party event in San Francisco

For another type of party, head over to the 420 celebration on the unofficial holiday of 4/20. This happens once a year in San Francisco California and brings people from all over the world. It is quite a different experience from the morning dance parties though.