420 celebration in San Francisco

Four-twenty, as it often called, is a slang depicting a popular cannabis culture holiday in the United States. On this day, people gather in different social places and smoke cannabis especially around 4.20 p.m. The informal pot smokers’ international holiday is usually observed on April 20th thus the name 4/20. Politicians often use 420 to advocate for ideas such as liberalization of cannabis.

Legalization of Cannabis

Due to smoking cannibis being illegal before 2018, 420 celebration in San Francisco used to be conducted in secret. However, that’s not the case anymore. In 2018, for the first time in San Francisco, the 420 celebration was public. This was following the legalization of recreational cannabis smoking in the state.

Where is the 420 celebration

Different locations play host to the celebrations in San Francisco. The Bay Area, Golden Gate Park, and Hippie Hill are however the major locations to go. The event has been chaotic in the past, but things are changing. San Francisco is currently partnering with merchants from neighboring cities to help control the crowds. 2017 witnessed 10,000 people attending the festival and thus disorder arose due to poor control. With the help of the merchants, San Francisco hired 60 security guards for the 2018 event which was better coordinated.

High attendance

The number of people turning out to attend the event is gradually on the rise. Legalizing the substance in SF has now led to an increase of weed enthusiasts who want to attend the event. Many non-smokers are also turning out to feed their curiosity and just see how it all goes down. This year, the turnout is expected to even go higher with better event organization in the state. The growth of the event has also led to increased business for cannabis dispensaries. As the event nears, smokers start buying cannabis in larger volumes so that they can stock up for the event. The very first legal 4/20 celebrations in 2018, witnessed sets of new customers flocking to the dispensaries in preparation for the event. Stores are even gearing up for the events by planning special discounts to drive sales.

Business opportunities

Although the events are free, many seize opportunities to do business. People often circulate crystals, hula hoops, jewelry, and even books. These are in addition to edibles, joints, and baggies of bud. The interesting bit is that some of these items are usually sold expensively at the event. The most opportunistic even go ahead and set up booths for people to visit and buy stuff or seek high-end services.